My Date With the City of Florence

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I have always been a friendly person. I went to sleep away camp by myself, and on the first day made three new friends. I have never had a problem feeling comfortable in new settings, and had mastered the art of small talk pretty early on. So when I signed up for a six month study abroad program in Italy through a school that I didn’t go to, I wasn’t too worried. And I was right.

I met my first friend Sarah within twenty minutes of sitting in the Newark Airport terminal. She then introduced me to her large group of friends, and as I settled into my new home and classes, I continued to meet people until I felt like I had amassed a great group of friends. I expected my nights in Florence to resemble those back home in New York: long nights of partying, weekend brunches, and a constant stream of social activity.

You can imagine my surprise when my six months in Italy introduced me to a side of myself that I had never explored: being comfortable with just myself.

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